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4 Vital Guidelines before Making a Custom Suit in Singapore

4 Vital Guidelines before Making a Custom Suit in Singapore

Custom made suits is a must for men attending high profile events such as weddings, executive meetings, royal parties or joining memorable occasions.

Ensure your suit is bespoke by the same tailor

Not many people are aware that an ideal tailor-made suit must be bespoke by the same tailor. It is important to note the process of measuring, plate-making, cutting, fitting and alternation must be performed by the same tailor to ensure unequalled quality. This is one of the strict guidelines initiated by the Savile Row Bespoke Association since the 18th century.

Have a look at the tailor’s outfit and the shop appearance

The aesthetics of the shop and the tailor’s outfit provide you clues on how capable a tailor is. Professional and passionate tailor who understands gentlemen’s fashion and culture can recommend what best for his/her customers.

Tailors that claimed they can tailor-made any suits designs

Professional tailors usually only master a few suits designs. You will need to reconsider if a particular tailor claims that he can make any suit designs.

Take a closer look at the suit details and quality

An ideal suit could bring the best out of someone despite having an unfavourable body shape.

Someone wearing an ideal suit could bring out its smoothness and line-cutting on his chest and waistline.

Customised suits are fine with its minutiae details, precise cutting and lining, accurate measurements and its fabric used.

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