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Do I have to get re-measured every time I pick something out?

Our goal is to provide top quality and professional service at the best place to get suits made in Singapore. Once we have your measurements on file, re-orders are a snap. If you want something new, all you have to do is select the cloth and styles.

What about big and tall sizes? Do You Charge More?

We aim to provide afforadable suits in Singapore. Our quoted prices are for everyone, regardless of how big or tall.

What can you do for me that I can’t get from a regular store?

The best thing about bespoke suits and garments is that everything is fully customised according to your needs. We create tailor made shirts, suits and slacks in the fabric and style of your choice. A retail store can only offer standard off the rack items, which may not be the perfect fit, or your ideal style or fabric.

For Custom Tailored Suits

* – Hand-embroidered initials or your full name inside the jacket
* – Handpicked and matched linings and buttons
* – Functional buttonholes on sleeves
* – Additional inside pocket


For Custom Made Shirts

* – Hand-cut, hand turned collars
* – Monograms
* – Generous tails
* – Over six collar styles to choose from
* – Duplicate your favorite shirt for that matter

Can I speak to someone in Management?

If you are in need of affordable tailored suits in Singapore, feel free to give us a call. Our international line is +65 67377651 (10 am – 8pm GMT+8:00). Ask for Jeetu Mahtani.

Can you make a duplicate of my favourite shirt?

Absolutely! The best thing about custom made shirts is that we can tailor them exactly to your specifications. Just send your shirt to us with your order. We’ll even incorporate any new changes that you might want to add.

Are new fabrics available frequently?

Yes. Twice yearly we introduce new fabrics. Just give us a call if you have a specific fabric in mind for your tailor made suits or shirts.

Do I have to use the same fabrics?

No. You may choose any fabric we offer. We stock well over 500 top quality shirting materials with high thread count. We also provide luxury fabrics beginning at $150 per shirt.