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5 Reasons Every Man needs a Tailor Made Suit

5 Reasons Every Man needs a Tailor Made Suit

Why do you choose a tailored suit? Buying a suit can either be custom made, or off the shelf. So what are the main differences?

While many people think that custom made suits are very expensive, you can still find affordable tailored suits in Singapore at great prices!

There are many reasons why men would choose a tailored suit over a standard product from the store. If you are unsure why, read on!

1. Better Quality

First things come first! Quality is the first thing to consider! According to fashion designer Tom Ford, dressing well is a form of good manners. Looking good starts with what you wear, and of course, that means good quality.

affordable suits in singapore fabrics

How would it be if you had the chance to choose the best fabric for you from a wide range of high-quality collections? Probably, it is the first reason to wear a tailored suit for a gentleman!

Not only that, you can get your suit carefully made by a skilled tailor who will understand your unique needs. This ensures better quality in fabric, craftsmanship, and a better match for your requirements.

2. Better Fit

You expect a suit that will fit you perfectly, don’t you? This is possible when you think about a custom tailored suit! Get the perfect fit every time when you have each and every detail specifically tailored to your body. Nothing else fits quite well as a suit from a bespoke tailor in Singapore.

bespoke singapore tailor

A tailored suit is made according to your perfect body measurement. The better fit makes you look better, too!

In 2013, Drake Baer shared a study where the participants had 5 seconds to look at the photos of men. Within this little moment, the participants rated more positively on the men in tailored suits, rather than off-the-rack.

3. Better Fashion

It’s easy to find a lot of suits in the department store. However, the large majority of them have the same or similar look. If you are interested in men’s fashion and need something fresh or unique, then a tailored suit may be the best option for you to choose.

bespoke singapore tailor fashion

Choosing a tailored suit is not only a solution of perfect fit and high-quality fabric, but it makes you look more elegant too. You can customize everything, including the cuffs, the vents, the number of buttons, and even the width of the lapel when you think about a tailored suit.

4. Better Time Spent

A meeting with your tailor is time well spent. A tailor made suit certainly takes more time than buying off the rack, but you will find it to be well worth it.

bespoke singapore tailor measurements

By using your time to discuss your requirements with your tailor, you can not only describe what you need, but also get expert advice on what would work best for you.

5. Better Value for Money

Tailored suits may cost more than something bought in the department store. However, there are still many places to find affordable tailored suits in Singapore.

You may find an off-the-rack suit at a cheaper rate, or even for sales or discounts, but this does not ensure the quality of fabric and fit that you would want for a suit.

Choosing a tailored suit means you ensure quality for the amount spent.

If you are interested in getting custom made affordable suit in Singapore, give us a call or book an appointment with one of our tailors.

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