Women's Suit

  • Dress Suit
  • Semi-Casual Sporty Suit
  • Skirt Suit
  • Pants Suit

Women's Blouse

  • Office Blouse
  • Short Sleeved Blouse
  • Pin Striped Office Blouse
  • Silk Blouse

Women's Dresses

  • Cocktail Dress
  • Evening Gown
  • Cheongsam
  • Office Dress


  • Knee Length Pleated Skirt
  • 3/4 Flaired Skirt


It is strongly recommended to make a prior appointment with us before visiting our outlet.

  1. Call us or WhatsApp us to book
  2. Provide us the measurement details. Alternatively, you may come to our shop for more accurate measurements
  3. We will give you our quote for the tailoring service
  4. Payment can be made after the service at our counter


  • Providing high quality custom suit services.
  • High quality experienced tailors
  • Friendly staff to attend to your requests or alterations (if required)
  • Follow-up support and monitoring
  • Ensuring a safe delivery of your custom suit