Our Services

C. Armani Tailors provide and deliver various types of professional tailoring services ranging from complete custom suit to custom fit alteration. Make an appointment with us so that we could assist on your tailoring requirements today.

  • Couture Suits
  • Tailored Suits
  • Tuxedo Suits
  • Vintage Suits
  • Suit Reconstruction
  • Sequenced Apparels
  • Stitch & Alterations
  • Private Bookings

Bispoke Suit - Single Breasted

  • Black Pin Striped Suit
  • Light Grey Suit
  • Single Breasted Brown Suit
  • Cream Mandarin Collar

Suit - Double Breasted

  • Double Breasted Grey Checks Suit
  • Double Breasted Khaki Colour Suit
  • Blue Blazer


  • Peak Lapel Slanted Pockets
  • White Tuxedo
  • 1 Button Peak Lapel


  • Tuxedo Shirt Winged Collar
  • Long Sleeved Buttoned Down Shirt
  • Pin Striped Tail Bottom Shirt French Square Cuffs
  • Classic Long Sleeved Evening Black


  • 5 Button - No Pocket
  • 5 Button - Double Pocket


  • Pleated Trousers - No Cuffs
  • Single Pleated Slim Fit Trousers
  • Double Pleated Trousers
  • Single Pleated Trousers


It is strongly recommended to make a prior appointment with us before visiting our outlet.

  1. Call us or WhatsApp us to book
  2. Provide us the measurement details. Alternatively, you may come to our shop for more accurate measurements
  3. We will give you our quote for the tailoring service
  4. Payment can be made after the service at our counter


  • Providing high quality custom suit services.
  • High quality experienced tailors
  • Friendly staff to attend to your requests or alterations (if required)
  • Follow-up support and monitoring
  • Ensuring a safe delivery of your custom suit